Ballons are made to float in air with helium. Helium is suitable for filling both, latex- and foil-balloons.

Disposable helium capsules

Helium capsule is suitable for example for one day events to fill a needed amount of balloons and then easily recycle the capsule.

 You can find it here:



Reusable helium containers

It is relatively easy to obtain helium. You can rent helium containers and filling-apparatus form AGA service-shops. 

 AGA service-shop network covers whole Estonia.


Numbers of balloons that can be filled:



Hi-Float is a special gel that is inserted into the latex-balloon to make helium stay in the balloon for longer. As usually helium escapes form the 12“ balloon in 10-12 hours, then adding the Hi-Float gel extends the period of the helium escaping to 3-4 days.